Maximize your savings – Here’s how

Discounted gift cards are a great way to save, but by purchasing your first cards, the truth is, you’ve only scratched the savings surface.

Spending just a few minutes will change the way you use discounted gift cards, for the better. Here’s how:

#1 Save on new items

Popular items, especially new tech items, are very hard to find at less than the price set by the manufacturer. This makes it impossible to get a special deal on the newest, hottest gadgets. Well, almost impossible.

Instead of simply finding the discounted cards for the merchant of your choice, take a few minutes to assemble a list of every major brand that is selling that item.

Next, check the inventory and discount for all those brands on CardCash. Find the brand with the best discount, and use the gift cards to save on your new gadget.

Here is a great example. The Xbox One X is a pretty hot item, it costs $499 no matter which site you check. But our gift card discounts vary greatly and can save you up to 12%, or $60. That’s big money.


#2 Find discounts first, then shop

Stop looking for discounts only after you find something you want to buy. Start finding discounts and then looking for the things you buy, at the places that offer the best discount. Use the highest discount filter on the CardCash buy page to start finding great discounts.

#3 Deals sites can save you $$

Tip #3 – Use deals sites like Slickdeals, Bradsdeals, Deal News, Dans Deals, and others to find great deals. Then stack CardCash gift cards on top of those to save on your savings.

Got some savings tips of your own? Post them in the comments and we may feature it in a future tips email.

Keep on saving!

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