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"I received this marketing email where I can save close to 18% on Pottery Barn Gift Cards. I thought it was a hoax. But after researching the site, seeing an article about them on, and seeing their high rating with the Better Business Bureau, I bought over $2,000 worth. I saved close to $400; it was the easiest money I ever saved."
Michael Foxton
Binghamton, NY

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Sell Gift Cards:

We pay you up to 92%

Sell your gift cards for cash. Have a check sent out, ACH or PayPal deposit within 1-2 days. See our price match guarantee.

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Buy Discount Gift Cards:

You save up to 35%

Buy gift cards from hundreds of national retailers at a discount. Use it yourself to pay at the register or online. It's like getting cash for less. Combine with coupons and save even more.

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Buy and Sell Gift Cards on CardCash

Old gift cards lying around and clogging up your drawers? High prices dragging your budget down? You've come to the right place. CardCash is the largest online gift card exchange in the world!

Buy gift cards:

We have thousands of discounted gift cards in stock to help you save money. Save up to 35% on your shopping bill with our massive selection of gift cards from a wide variety of merchants.

Sell gift cards online:

All those extra gift cards you are never going to use can easily be transformed into cash. CardCash will pay as high as 97% for your gift cards. Get an offer now!

Top Selling Gift Cards:

Browse our vast stock of gift cards or choose from these best selling cards: discount Home Depot gift cards, discount Lowes gift cards, discount Walmart gift cards, discount Target gift cards, discount iTunes gift cards, and discount Starbucks gift cards.

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