CardCash Website and App updates

Behind the new wallet page

Have you seen the new “My Cards” section on We’ve just launched a new digital gift card wallet, where you can view all the cards that were purchased on or the CardCash mobile app. This way when you’re shopping online or in-store, and you need the gift card numbers, they are available right there in your gift card wallet on our site. Then after you spent the gift card (and are smiling because you just saved a ton of money) you can mark it as “spent”, and even adjust the balance left.

After logging in, under the “My Account” section is the new “My Cards” option, when you click on it, you’ll see a list of all your gift cards purchased, and when you select a gift card, you’ll be able to view the gift cards number and pin. (Love getting the gift cards via email? Don’t worry we’re still sending them out through email as well.)

If you purchased a physical gift card? Yup, it’s also there. So, if you purchased a physical gift card, and before you receive it – you want to use the gift card numbers, you now can!

Oh and yes, cards purchased from the app and website are both in your website and mobile app wallet. (One of our users, Beth, had asked us if it previously purchased gift cards on the website, that are now available in the mobile wallet, are going to be marked as spent. The answer is no, you’ll need to mark those)

A year of mobile app updates

It’s hard to capture a full year of updates into a couple of lines, but we’re sure you’ll notice how much faster our mobile app is. We’ve asked our mobile app developer Steven to try to walk us (mere mortals) through the codebase. Here are his thoughts.

The app bundle size went down over 25% (translation: its a whole lot faster and more reliable).

All the software packages were updated to the latest versions which drastically reduced the number of bugs and errors.

And finally, even though we can’t make the announcement, I won’t confirm or deny, if being able to sell your cards in the app is coming real soon, or not 🙂

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