2022 Fathers Day Gift Guide

An interesting piece of Father’s Day history, before we get to the good stuff: 

Father’s Day was created because, well, there was already a Mother’s Day, and it was only fair. In all honesty, Dads deserve recognition and celebration, too. Who would fix the leaky sink, teach you to pitch like a pro, and give the best shoulder rides ever, if not for childhood heroes? But historically, Father’s Day just didn’t take off the same way Mother’s Day did. Maybe it’s because, as one florist explained,” fathers haven’t the same sentimental appeal that mothers do.”

But we’re here to change all that, in the year 2022. Let’s celebrate Dads with presents galore!

From the wacky and whimsical to practical to indulgent, no matter what kind of Dad you’ve got, there’s a perfect gift out there for him, the trick (and the challenge!) is just to find it. 

Ready? Check out these links, roll out your wallet, and of course save on all of them by paying with CardCash gift cards. Have fun!

Gifts under $100

For the Dad who gives mean shoulder rides, try this Muscle Massage Gun from Amazon. With 7 interchangeable massage heads and 5 speeds, this is the ultimate at-home deep-tissue massage experience.

The Outdoorsy Dad will just love these Timberland Hiking boots. They’re the real deal, waterproof, rust-proof, and super comfortable. Give this gift, and watch him run for the woods! Plus, they’re 30% off on Amazon

This is a good one: Know how everyone buys flowers for Moms? Guys just don’t seem to go for that kind of thing. But there’s just something about an impressive bouquet…Try this beautiful meat arrangement – a selection of Gourmet Salami all tied up in a bow.

Yes, really!

Gifts Under $50

For the Curious-In-The-Kitchen Dad, try this cool Fermentation Kit. The health benefits are endless (and will NOT be recorded here), and fermented food is just…yummy! (Best of all, it’s even 38% off now, on Amazon.com.)

For the Always-Prepared Dad, try this Hand-Crank Radio. It can be powered by battery, solar power, hand-crank, USB, or outlet, so he’ll never be left out of the loop. Plus, it’s water-resistant. The best part is, that this one is also 38% off on Amazon.

Gifts Under $25

For the Fashion-Conscious Dad, check out the selection of Cologne at bargain prices that Target has to offer:

Great deals you can steal

Want to make dad laugh? Try these Custom Pet Socks from Etsy. Snap and send a picture of your Fluffy, choose size and colors, and bring joy to the proud pet Daddy.

And come on, we couldn’t end off without the ultimate Father’s day gift- a book of Dad jokes. After all, that’s something EVERY Dad can relate to…

The history and customs of Father’s day go way back to the year 1910. It was created to honor Fathers everywhere, to stop and appreciate their role in our lives (and in giving us life!) How are you planning on celebrating Dad? A card? A gift? A grand We-Love-You bash?

How about cooking him his favorite dinner. Oh, just take him out to dinner, and while you’re at it save on some great restaurant cards.

So no matter if you have a goofy Dad, straight-laced Dad, Step or Grand-dad, take the opportunity to show him some love, give him some laughs, and snag some great bargains along the way!

I’ve been the marketing manager at CardCash.com for over six years. One of my favorite aspects of working with CardCash is that we get to help people find just what they need for any occasion. Whether it be a birthday, wedding or graduation present, we make sure there are plenty of options available so everyone can get exactly what they want from us.

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