Health & Wellbeing – How CardCash Can Help

Dear CardCash family,

As we face the global threat posed by COVID-19, it is comforting to know that we face it together, shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm (metaphorically speaking obviously).

At CardCash, we know there are things we can do to help make this a bit easier.

Selling Gift Cards for Quick Cash

We are taking immediate action to help our customers access quick cash when they need it. Too many of us are losing our jobs, seeing our hours cut, or finding that our primary source of income is drying up for the near future. One way CardCash can help is providing access to quick cash for unwanted or currently unusable gift cards. All of our payouts for unwanted gift cards are now turned as high as we can afford. Additionally, higher payouts can be accessed by trading gift cards for another gift card as follows:

Buying Discounted Gift Cards

As always, you can save on everything you buy using discounted gift cards. We’ve changed as many of our gift cards as possible to digital email delivery and we are offering discounts designed to help you really stretch every dollar. Here is a roundup of brands and categories that we hope will help you during this challenging time. (All discounts subject to change and are only accurate as of the time this article was published).

Stock up on essentials.

Take care of yourself!

Pick up some games or materials for that project you’ve been putting off or for activities for your home-bound children.

Get that home office setup or overhaul that entertainment system for an extended home stay.

Stock up on grocery essentials, or find a way to enjoy a warm cup of coffee, a few small pleasures go a long way towards peace of mind.

  • Starbucks – eGift Cards – Up to 9.2% off
  • Trader Joe’s – Physical (Mailed) Cards – Up to 3.4% off
  • Whole Foods – Physical (Mailed) Cards – Up to 2.9% off
  • ACME – eGift and Physical (Mailed) Cards – Up to 2.8% off
  • Albertsons – eGift and Physical (Mailed) Cards – Up to 2.8% off
  • And more…

Gaming is going to explode over the next few weeks. Save on your gaming needs.

While you might not be out and about much you still might need a top off. Or maybe this is a good time to schedule those car repairs you’ve been pushing off.

  • Advance Auto – Physical (Mailed) Cards – Up to 24.7% off
  • BP Gas – Physical (Mailed) Cards – Up to 7.77% off
  • Autozone – eGift and Physical (Mailed) Cards – Up to 31.5% off
  • Jiffy Lube – eGift Cards – Up to 14.9% off
  • Shell Gas – Physical (Mailed) Cards – Up to 2% off
  • And more…

Now’s a good time to get to those home improvement or redecorating projects.

  • At Home – Physical (Mailed) Cards – Up to 22% off
  • HomeGoods – eGift and Physical (Mailed) Cards – Up to 7.9% off
  • Lowes – eGift Cards – Up to 3.1% off
  • Marshalls – eGift and Physical (Mailed) Cards – Up to 7.9% off
  • And more…

Don’t forget about your pets!

Take out is still an option! Why pay full price?

Please leave a comment letting us know how you are doing and any ideas for those of us stuck at home. Stay safe CardCash family!

Steven Weldler is the director of marketing at, and has been with CardCash for over 8 years now. He loves to be crazy and have fun! Steven’s sense of humor is always on point, so if you need a laugh he’s your guy!

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