Apple Gift Cards Can Now be Used to Purchase “Everything Apple”

There’s great news for anyone who has ever purchased a discounted iTunes Card from CardCash!

In the past, Apple issued two kinds of gift cards: Apple Store Cards, which could be used to purchase Apple products, and iTunes Gift Cards, which could be used on the App store and to purchase music through iTunes. This practice complicated gift-giving through Apple and was an inconvenience for Apple fans everywhere.

Now, though, Apple has announced a sweeping change in the way it issues and accepts gift cards. Going forward, the tech giant will only offer the new Apple Gift Card which can be used to pay for “Everything Apple.” This universal gift card has a sleek, modern design and can be used toward any Apple purchase, from a new iPhone SE to a single song on iTunes.

What does all this mean for Apple fans who still have the old gift cards?
It’s actually great news! While the production of these cards will be discontinued, Apple has announced that it will now accept any of its older gift cards toward an Apple purchase of any kind. This means that Apple Store Cards and iTunes Gift Cards will function as the new Apple Gift Card. If you’ve ever purchased a discounted iTunes Gift Card from CardCash, it’s your lucky day! You can now use this card toward the purchase of a new iPhone, an iMac, or any other Apple product you’ve always wanted to buy. It’s incredible savings where you didn’t expect them, all thanks to CardCash. Check out our latest offerings and save more, today.

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