Halloween Gift Cards To Get You In The Spirit



Halloween Gift Cards To Get You In The Spirit


Halloween isn’t a time for gift giving but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize discounted gift cards to cut the costs of your Halloween this year. 171 million Americans are expected to celebrate Halloween this year, spending on average $82.93 on décor, costumes, candy and fun, according to numbers from the National Retail Foundation.

With the holiday spending season about to hit, what better time to start saving than now. Here are CardCash.com’s top discount gift cards to get you in the Halloween spirit (yes, pun intended).

1. Gap and Old Navy Gift Cards
A great Halloween starts with a great costume, especially if you need to outfit kids. Gap and Old Navy have a large selection of costumes for the little one, and using discount gift cards at 10% stretches your dollar even further (their gift cards can be used at both stores and Banana Republic).
They also have adult Halloween t-shirts in stock for those who want to dip their toes into the Halloween spirit but aren’t plunging in head first.

2. Disney Store Discount Gift Cards
Disney Store gift cards don’t just let your princess fulfill her dreams for the day, but also let you choose from their Halloween home décor or adorable Trick or Treat bags. And if your girl is dreaming of that Alice through the looking glass costume it’s definitely worth checking them out, especially with 8% off using their discount gift cards.

Inspired by Disney's live action film Alice Through the Looking Glass, our two-piece costume is sure to be the toast of any tea party.
Inspired by Disney’s live action film Alice Through the Looking Glass, our two-piece costume is sure to be the toast of any tea party.

3. Target Discount Gift Cards
Definitely the most versatile gift card of the group, one trip to Target or to Target.com is all you need if time is of essence. Load up on candy with their large discounted bulk selection, and of course check out the costume aisle.

But our favorite is their selection of affordable adult costumes on Target.com, including an awesome Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Pilot costume. Don’t forget to stack the gift cards with any promotions Target may be having.

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Pilot Adult Costume
Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Pilot Adult Costume

4. Petco and Petsmart Discount Gift Cards
Sales of pet costumes, though still relatively small, are the industry’s fastest-growing area with over 16% of people spending money to dress up their pets, according to the NRF.

Getting on the action is easy at Petco with 21% off their gift cards from CardCash.com, or 14% off at Petsmart. And don’t forget to enter their pet photo contests for a chance to win great prizes.

discount pet costumes
What’s not to love about this puggy monster costumer?

5. AMC Theaters Discount Gift Cards
There are always those in the, “Screw it, I’m way past Halloween” category and have no interest in celebrating. Well, the movie theaters should be pretty empty so it’s time to take advantage of 17% off AMC Theaters discount gift cards and enjoy your movies in peace and quiet.
However you celebrate next week the most important thing is to stay safe and enjoy yourself!


*Please note: The percentages listed in this blog post are accurate at the time of listing and are subject to change.

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