Who Buys Gift Cards? The definitive list

Gift cards. The best of gifts, the worst of gifts.

So, how to get rid of them in the fastest, most profitable manner?

Here are 9 places that will buy your gift cards, or otherwise take them off your hands.

Buyer Summary Payout Speed Drawbacks
Return it Return to the issuing store Full Instant Not widely accepted
Gift Card Exchange Sites Sell online for cash High Days Payout rates vary
Pawn Shops Exchange for cash in a pawn shop Low Instant Payout rates are low
Local Listing Sites Sell it to someone in your area
(Ex: Craigslist)
Medium Instant Buyer trustworthiness varies
Online Listing Sites Name your own price online
(Ex: eBay)
High Days Fees eat into payout amounts
Friends Sell the card to a friend High Instant Difficult to locate a friend who needs that exact card
Trade for a Gift Card Trade your card for a different gift card High Days Limited trade options are available
Trade for Airline Miles Trade your card for airline miles High Days Only currently available for United miles
Donate it Donate your card to help those in need None N/A No payout
  1. Return it

    This is a bit of a long shot but some stores will allow you to return your gift cards for cash or a store credit. Before trying to sell your card, check with your issuing brand to find out their policy.

  2. Gift Card Exchange Sites

    Gift card exchange sites such as CardCash will pay you up to 92% of the gift card value. Payment options vary as well, Paypal, Mailed check, and ACH wire transfer are some of the more common payment options.

  3. Pawn Shops

    Many of the local pawn shops in your area will probably pay you cash for your gift card. In fact, this is probably the fastest way to cash out. However, most pawn shops pay very low rates, and they will require a lot of personal information in order to complete the sale.

  4. Local Listing Sites

    Selling your card to someone in your local area can be fast and convenient. Payout amounts will vary but using this method does mean that you can set your own price. Of course, local listing sites such as Craigslist come with risks of their own.

  5. Online Listing Sites

    Online self listing sites such as eBay also give you control over the price. However, fees from both eBay and PayPal may quickly erase any gains you make.

  6. Friends

    This is the best possible way to sell a gift card. If you can find a friend that is interested in the gift card and willing to pay a fair price for it, go for it. You’ll get paid fast by someone you can trust, and your friend will be quite happy with the deal as well.

  7. Trade for a Gift Card

    Trading your card for another gift card can land you a higher payout amount depending on the card you are trading in and the card you are trading for. Trade options are limited though, some of the more notables are eBay, Amazon, and Bed Bath & Beyond. A full list of trade options is available on the CardCash exchange page.

  8. Trade for Airline miles

    Another great trade option is the ability to trade gift cards for airline miles. United Airlines offers just such an exchange option with their Mileage plus gift card exchange site.

  9. Donate it

    Finally, if none of these options seem to work for you, use your unwanted gift card for good. Donate it! Organizations such as Goodwill accept gift cards as donations.

Have any others that you’d like to see added to this list? Let us know in the comments section, we’d love to add them!

Happy savings!

Steven Weldler is the director of marketing at CardCash.com, and has been with CardCash for over 8 years now. He loves to be crazy and have fun! Steven’s sense of humor is always on point, so if you need a laugh he’s your guy!

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