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Father’s Day Deals: What Dad Really Wants For

It’s the time of year when everyone is left scrambling to find that perfect gift for Dad, wondering what does Dad really like. Can I just get him a beer and a couch in a quiet room so he can watch old football games? Maybe we should move Father’s Day to a random Sunday during Football season-that way we can save on gifts because we all know that would be the perfect day for him.

But in absence of reinventing the wheel, or in this case trying to move a national holiday, the answer to what dad really wants is whatever he likes best. If you’re old enough to buy dad a present you should know by now what his interests are and what he would appreciate. And no, it’s not a useless gadget or a singing fish.

Here are some ideas on what to buy, along with some money saving tips for each.

1.  New Accessories (to anything)

Whether Dad is a techie, or a do-it-yourselfer, buying him a new tablet or a new power tool sounds like a good idea, but may not be. Dad probably likes his current lineup of gadgets, and is comfortable with his tools. You’re better off buying him something that complements what he currently has, whether it’s an iPad cover featuring his favorite sports team from Coveroo, or power tool accessories from Home Depot, dad will love the personal touch added to his everyday tools of the trade.

2. Take Him Out To His Favorite Restaurant

Most dad’s love food but they don’t all love the same food. Make sure to take dad to someplace he likes, for breakfast on his special day when the crowds are a bit thinner, or for dinner if you are ready to brave the crowds. Whether it’s steaks or drinks, make sure to buy a discounted gift card in advance so you can look great but save money at the same time. Outback Steakhouse discounted gift cards, Elephant Bar discount gift cards and Buffalo Wild Wings discount gift cards are some great options.

3. Brookstone Gift Cards

Gadgets are fun but which gadget is the best? No need to decide on your own-let dad do the choosing. Buy him a Brookstone gift card and let him choose from their selection of golf gadgets, outdoor wireless speakers or a massager to relax with after a long day, dad knows what he likes best. Gift cards are always great gifts, especially gift cards to stores where dad may not spend the money but will now be forced to splurge on himself.

Brookstone gift cards are 16% off every day on CardCash.com.

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