DIY Gift Card Hacks

What do you do if you have pallets of used gift cards and nothing to do with them? DIY hacks, that’s what. 73% of Americans own at least one gift card – and once the balance is used up they simply discard the card. Here are a few ways to use low balance or zero balance cards.

Phone stand:

Trying to watch a video on your phone? You prop up your phone on the nearest available object and watch it slowly slide down your table… It’s really hard to get the right angle and stability. Repurpose your old gift cards and watch to your heart’s content.

DIY Video:

Cable Organizer:

Tangled wires mean a tangled brain? Maybe. Here’s a great hack to stay organized and have a neat desk at work. The best part of this hack is that it should not take more than 1 minute to prepare and all you need is one gift card.


DIY Video:

Color Stays:

Sending your shirts to the cleaners every time you wear it can add up quickly. And, let’s be honest, wrinkle-free shirts are still a little wrinkly and the colors always seem to be flipped in a weird direction. Here’s an easy and simple hack to make your shirts look great every morning and with minimal to no work involved.

DIY Video:

Guitar picks:

When it comes to guitar picks, everyone has their own preference. Some use big picks and some use small and some use no pick at all. Here is a great hack to always make sure you have a pick on you. To purchase the guitar puncher check out:

DIY Video:

Earbuds organizer:

This is one hack you definitely never thought of. This hack will get you wondering how you managed all this time without it. How often do you want to listen to music or just want to talk on the phone while wearing earbuds and when you go look for them they are all rolled up and knotted? This is a really simple hack that will help you avoid that issue.


DIY Video:

Door Picker:

We’ve all seen the movies where our savvy hero pulls a card from his wallet and with a quick push and wiggle the door swings open. How practical and realistic is this? It is very easy and very practical –  here is how you do it. At and angle slide the edge of your card between the door and the strike plate. Next, bend the card towards the doorknob and wiggle the card until it slides far enough in to compress the latch – unlocking the door.

DIY Video:

We hope you enjoyed the few hacks we came up with. Comment below with your DIY gift card hacks.


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