Getting Ready For College For Less-5 Great Tips Using Discount Gift Cards

August starts tomorrow, and it’s the month when most colleges across the country will begin classes. Whether you’re heading off to college for the first time or you’re a seasoned veteran of the college scene, you know the value in saving a couple of extra dollars.

But hey, you still want to have a good time. For that we present five everyday savings tips using cheap gift cards that will help you make it through the year (or at least until your winter break).

1-Deck Out Your Dorm Room For Cheap
For many people a great college experience starts with a great dorm room. After a tough class, test or party, you just need that great place to crash and relax. While your parents surely have memories from their college days of some worn out couch, you can do much better than that. JC Penney and Target have some great furniture for under $200, including couches, tables and chairs. Using discounted Target gift cards (3% off) and discounted JC Penney gift cards (20% off) from helps make the savings even better.

2- Accessories-It’s All About the Impression
During ones college years it’s important to make a great impression on those people you meet, especially if you’re a freshman and are looking to hook up with people for the first time.

TJ Maxx discounted gift cards (12% off) are a must-have for the pre-college shopping. Their great discounted fashion can help you wow on first site, and their large selection of chic home accessories including throw pillows and blankets, lamps and end tables can really spruce up any dorm room.
As TJ Maxx’s slogan goes, “Rock your closet, not your budget.”

3- Team Gear For Way Less
So you’re on campus and everyone is sporting the college team look. Whether it’s Saturday and the big football game is about to go down or any day, you can bedeck yourself in the home team’s gear with a discounted gift card from at 30% off. These cards are one of the best buys on sure to tell a select few people how you got that all that expensive gear for less. Just make sure not to tell too many people because you really still want to impress who you can!

4- Cheap Eats-Or Not Such Cheap Eats
A common complaint on many a college campus is the lack of affordable food. While we can’t help you with local cafeterias or eateries, if your school is near a national chain we are definitely here for you. Some of our most popular discounts:

12% off Applebee’s discounted gift cards
19% off Cold Stone Creamery discounted gift cards
10% off Starbucks discounted gift cards
40% off Old Country Buffet discounted gift cards (lucky you if you’re near one of these!)

5- Entertain Your Date
Now you’re settled in, you’ve hit the dating scene and found a girlfriend! Except your wallet is pretty bare. No fears. Take her for a movie with a discounted entertainment gift card to Regal Entertainment (13% off), AMC Theaters (15% off) or Landmark Theaters (12% off). Or crash your local AMF Bowling alley with a 12% off discounted gift card.

Most of all enjoy yourself in college and here’s to hoping that you can stretch your budget enough to make it through.

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