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CardCash is the largest gift card exchange in the world.
Turn unused gift cards into cash or buy discount gift cards
with the safety and security of our 45 day card balance


How it works

Sell Gift Cards

Have gift cards you don’t want or that you will never use? Don’t leave that money in a drawer collecting dust. CardCash will pay you up to 92% of the card value and has a variety of payment options. Get an offer now.

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Buy Discount Gift Cards

It’s a #NoBrainer! Why pay full price when you can pay up to 35% less? Shop the largest inventory of discounted gift cards with confidence knowing you are protected by our state of the art card verification and our 45 day card balance guarantee.

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All of our cards are carefully verified and our sellers undergo a
thorough background check. Add that to the CardCash 45 day card
balance guarantee and you’ll understand why CardCash is the most
secure gift card exchange on the planet.

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Most popular merchants

We love our customers, and they love us!

"For years I was a gift card hoarder. I would get all these gift cards from places I never shop and had no intention of ever shopping. Last semester I found out about gift card change and was able to sell all my unwanted gift cards and it helped me pay for my college textbooks."

- Jenny Cooper, New York, NY
"Buying discounted gift cards is like getting cash to many of my favorite retailers for less and still being able to use coupons in conjunction -- awesome"

- Lauren Arce New York, NY
"I sell to give others things they want at less on places that I have things I don't want! I buy so I can spend the extra money on impromptu ice cream trips with my kids;-) Oh and shhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Disney World takes Disney Store gift cards so if you are planning a trip....every little bit helps!!!!!!"

- Allison Stevens New York, NY

Bulk Buying Power

Sell or buy a lot of cards? Join our preferred customers program for a slew of perks.

Dedicated Rep

Our preferred bulk customers get a direct line to one of our service professionals who are available to help with orders and to solve any problems that may come up.

Flexible Pay Options

Access to the most varied and fastest payment options on the market.

Fraud Prevention Expertise

As the leader in fraud prevention CardCash can help you guard yourself against fraud. Contact us for the complete fraud prevention package.

Who we are

Founded in 2008, CardCash.com provides an answer to two common questions: What can I do with all of these gift cards I will never use? How can I easily save money?

CardCash pays cash for unwanted gift cards and then sells those cards at a discount. Make money, save money - that's CardCash.

Featured twice on Forbes and an astonishing four times on the Inc 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies in America, we’d still rather brag about our customers, our team, and our fantastic product.

After a $6 million round of funding from Guggenheim partners in late 2013, CardCash was fortunate enough to form strategic a partnership with Incomm, the industry leader in the primary gift card market. CardCash also acquired Plastic Jungle, its largest competitor, and entered into agreements to power gift card exchange for Walmart, Amazon, CVS, and United Airlines.

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