take the gift out of [ gift ] cards,

now they're more like savings cards.

For the longest time gift cards have been all about gifts. Now gift cards are about savings. Other people’s gift cards are your way to save. We buy gift cards for less than their value from people just like you who don’t want them, and resell them at a discount so you can save.

How can you save every day on everything?

1 Shop around

Got something you need?
Never shop again without checking CardCash!

2 Find [ gift ] cards

A quick search will net you the best savings! More than one store may carry the product you need, search over 1200 brands for the highest discounts.

3 Save at checkout

Use discounted gift cards to pay for everything you want, and everything you need, everywhere, all the time.

5 Protect yourself

Use your cards within 45 day
guarantee period for super safe savings.

It's that simple. Save on every purchase.

why do some gift cards go bad

Unlike a carton of milk past its expiration date, gift cards do not go bad all by themselves. The two most common reasons gift cards lose their balance are:

  • The card was purchased with a stolen credit card and subsequently canceled by the issuing company.
  • The original owner used the card number after selling it to CardCash.

how can you protect yourself

These simple steps will keep you safe against unscruplous sellers and fraudulently obtained gift cards

  • Check your gift card balance before going to the store.
  • Use full balance of the card within 45 days of the purchase. Even if you checked the balance and it was fine within 45 days, the guarantee expires at 45 days from your purchase date.
  • All you need to do is use the card within 45 days.