Capture customers from competitors.
We all know that everyone has gift cards they just don’t want or need. Why not let those unwanted cards be the key to bring your competitor’s customers straight to your door.
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About the program
The CardCash Exchange platforms allow you to turn your competition’s customers into loyal customers for your company.
CardCash buys your competitor gift cards and seamlessly converts them into your branded currency. All sales are incremental so you and your customers don’t lose out on the transaction.
Why join a CardCash exchange program?
Gain new customers
Attract new customers with zero effort (on your part at least). CardCash takes care of all the behind-the-scenes work there’s no extra work required on your part.
Developed by CardCash
The entire development and maintenance of your exchange platform is managed by CardCash. This means we do all the work and you enjoy all the benefits. What could be better than that?
Cards are sold at face value
Never at a discount; we buy your competitor’s $100 gift card for the discounted rate of $85, and issue them a brand new $85 gift card to your brand.
How does it all work?
Meet Bob. Bob has a gift card for Brand A but Bob really likes your product a whole lot better than Brand A...
… Bob goes to CardCash to sell his Brand A card and instead of getting cash for his sale gets a brand new gift card to your brand...
…Bob goes on a massive shopping spree, buying out everything he loves from your brand...
… everyone’s happy (well, except maybe your competitors) 😊
Let's talk
Joe Rice
As Director of Business Development, Joe loves to figure out how discounted gift cards can help brands grow.
Let's talk
Meet Joe
Joe works at CardCash, meticulously converting every gift card from one brand to another by hand. Just kidding, that’s done by an ultra-sophisticated machine. But Joe does like to help brands take advantage of the exchange program.
Want to know how? Shoot Joe an email, because unlike that ultra-sophisticated machine, Joe’s a real human who’s ready to help.