Our Story

CardCash is taking the world to an imaginative new direction in saving customers money. CardCash has the world's largest inventory of discounted gift cards and since it's inception, has saved customers more than $50 million from their favorite retail brands. Today, we continue our tradition of keeping an open dialog with consumers, constantly evolving new, innovative ways to get the best price. We have a strong mission of never letting anyone pay the full amount for anything by turning the world's over $140 billion of unused gift cards into major discounts.


CardCash's senior leadership team draws on decades of experience across diverse industries to chart a course for the future and guide the company toward its strategic goals. CardCash was co-founded in 2009 by Chief Executive Officer Elliot Bohm and Chief Operating Officer Marc Ackerman.

The two started the first digital secondary gift card market, which went on to raise $6 million in Series A funding from Guggenheim Partners. In 2014, CardCash raised $6 million in debt funding from Sterling National Bank, a subsidiary of Sterling Bancorp. In 2014, CardCash acquired Silicon Valley-based competitor Plastic Jungle and that same year, formed a strategic partnership with Incomm Corporation, a leader in prepaid and payment solutions.

Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Thomas Ochoa, who has experience leading teams at digital payment companies, InComm Corporation and the BlackHawk Network joined the effort in 2014.

In 2016, CardCash hired Chief Technology Officer Thomas Butt, who managed software engineering teams at General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and multiple startups. In his short time, Butt's team restructured CardCash's entire ecommerce platform with highly scalable microservices that connect to single page applications.

CardCash's continued ecommerce success earned recognition in Inc 5000's Nation’s Fastest-Growing Companies list for the sixth straight year in 2017, among a mere four-percent of all the companies that qualified. CardCash was also named one of Forbes' Most Promising Companies and has been featured in publications such as CNN, Bloomberg and the New York Times.


To look through a wider lens at CardCash, we hire team members of diverse backgrounds and experiences that love coming to a place, where everyone feels they belong. We know diversity and inclusion are values critical to our success and future innovation. We believe employees work best when comfortable offering a casual work environment where we can also have fun. We also offer collaborative monthly team lunches, hoverboards, and footballs to toss around the office as we get down to business. In addition, we have a comprehensive benefits package and believe furthering the education of our employees, allowing them to attend and speak at conferences.

As a lean and talented startup that has a responsible approach to business and collaboration, CardCash is the ideal environment of responding customers’ needs without anything getting in our way.


CardCash has success from partnerships with major retailers, including Amazon, eBay, PayPal, CVS, Bed Bath and Beyond, United Airlines and Hotels.com. CardCash doesn't only want to help consumers save, but also help brands earn a new revenue stream through the world of gift cards, without discounting their products. Our goal is to create, truly useful and beautiful tools that help your business become more successful. We believe the world is changing to a more digital era and want to help both ecommerce platforms and big-box retailers better compete.

We believe our actions today determine who we are in the future. We don't charge fees. We just want to earn money together.


At CardCash, we believe everyone deserves the chance to learn, succeed, and be heard, which drives us to help those most in need. In 2017, CardCash partnered with Charity On Top to provide an innovative form of fundraising for victims of Hurricane Harvey. The proceeds went to the American Red Cross, Greater Houston Community Foundation's Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, the Houston Food Bank and Houston Humane Society and Americares. CardCash also partnered with St. Jude’s Research Hospital in 2017 and together are on mission to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment.