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CardCash has been helping businesses turn unwanted gift cards into profits since 2008.. Start earning profits and become a Premier Seller today!
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CardCash accepts 1000’s of brands gift cards including
Does this sound like you?
Are you a Check Casher or PayDay Loan service? We help alternative lenders get cash in their customer’s hands with a gift card buyback solution.
Do you Trade Merchandise for cash? How about Gift Cards? Mobile phone stores & pawn shops have built lasting gift card buyback businesses with our partnership and guidance.
Become a CardCash Premier Seller
Become a CardCash Premier Seller
Great Earnings
Premier sellers have unlimited earning potential. Premier Sellers earn between $2,000 and $10,000 a month.
Preferred Rates
Premier Sellers have access to better rates than the standard rates available on cardcash.com.
Dedicated Sales Rep
Get the benefit of a dedicated sales representative who can help you with any issue that may arise.
More Brands to Sell
Premier Sellers have access to brands that our retail members may not.
Fast Payments
We buy gift cards right away - so payments are fast.
How it all works
Premier Sellers enter the gift cards into our system
We receive process and verify the cards
Payment is issued fast
If any issue arises your dedicated sales representative is on standby
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Tom Ochoa
As the Head of Sales & Business Development, Tom and his team are obsessed with helping customers save.
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Meet Tom
While the CardCash Sales team loves talking sports and movies, they also love talking savings with our Elite Buyers.
Want to talk to Tom? Shoot him an email and let him and his team help you figure out how discounted gift cards can help your business.