Giant American Flag made out of Gift Cards

It’s Memorial Day weekend and to that we say, YEAH! Yeah for vacation, yeah for BBQ’ing, and double yeah for massive American flags made out of nothing else but gift cards.

No, but like seriously massive. Like 16 feet by 7 feet massive. Like 2,223 individual gift cards massive.

Judge for yourself:

You know, that completely does not capture the scale of this thing, in fact, it kind of makes it look small.

Try this:

We got sick of doing the same boring, thoughtless Memorial Day social media post and decided to do something bigger. We believe our veterans deserve more than that. We believe we are all better than that.

CardCash has a huge stockpile of used gift cards that CardCash has purchased and resold electronically. The balances on these cards have already been depleted and they are valueless – but no longer useless.

Cards were chosen for this project by color. Because we label them when they arrive at our facility, we needed to soak them in goo-gone for a while and then scrape the labels off. This, we can admit, was very much not fun.

Once we had the cards we mapped out a flag design in a Google Sheet. Here’s what it looked like:


Yeah, that’s cool, we know.

We cut 16 blocks of some kind of thin board and began gluing cards to the boards. We used Gorilla Glue. Why? Cuz it seriously rocks.

Gorilla glue on some whiteboard like thing, along with an assortment of random gift cards


So we glued and glued:

We built a big wood frame:

And, voila:

Check out these cards:

What do you think? We kinda love it.

Happy Memorial Day!

The full press release is here:

Stacey Barchenger also did a great video piece for the Asbury Park Press on this, follow Stacey (she’s great) and check out the video.

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Steven Weldler is the director of marketing at, and has been with CardCash for over 8 years now. He loves to be crazy and have fun! Steven’s sense of humor is always on point, so if you need a laugh he’s your guy!

11 comments: On Giant American Flag made out of Gift Cards

  • very cool

  • This is so, so cool! Happy Memorial Day! I luv you cardcash! God bless you!

    -Mr. Frugal

  • Thank you for honoring our fallen. My husband and I are veterans and lost a brother we served with in 2008. Being said, I will continue to do business with this company.

  • Angel Pillor Dabadghav

    CardCash is totally cool!! I love the Flag, and how it honors our Veterans. ❤️ Thank you to all who have served and those men and women who continually keep us safe!! ??

  • You guys rock!!! wonderful way to honor our military.

  • This is awesome! Thank you cardcash!

  • I love this American flag! It’s a precious reminder to honor our veterans!

  • Awesome!

  • Thanks for the visual. I love the product CCash offers – has saved me a ton.

    BUT, this isn’t the kind of holiday one should be wishing others a “Happy” Memorial Day. Not happiness or sadness, but reverence and gratitude.
    Best description I’ve heard is that it’s “a day to honor those who never had a chance to be veterans.”

  • A SAD But glorious day. No words can describe the bravery,honor. these men and women.sacrificed.for our country.for our flag. for me and you of this world of greed, idealistic wealth. Hatred, our flag stands for freedom. Unity. Love. Respect, lolalty.families who lost loves ones. I cherish this day .though we grieve, for the fallen .our true heroes. I’d like to give a big thank all who set aside differences ,and came together to show gratitude, our soliders. Our flag. Our country. Is what we as a whole map it out to be. Thanks for paving the way so every human being on this earth. have A choice. To live free. To be free. They made a difference in battle. It’s our time to make a difference . so we will always have that right. our country cannot stand on hatred, negativity,selfish pride.let’s make that difference. Our kids,grandkids.deserve. To be safe free.and the opportunities. To grow and keep this well deserved honor and tradition alive. HIS BLESS THE USA.

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