How To Plan A Super Bowl Party On A Budget

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Super Bowl 51!

Update: CardCash created a list of all the Super Bowl deals from restaurants. Check it out!

Last year in 2016, an average of 115.5 million people tuned in this year to watch the Super Bowl. That’s a lot of people watching and partying. Most Americans celebrate the occasion with food. In fact, after Thanksgiving, more food is eaten on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year. So, who will be playing off this year? As of January 12th, this still remains up in the air, but one thing is certain. Get the party started!!!

Here’s How To Plan Your Super Bowl 51 Party With Out Breaking The Bank.

You can easily save a few bucks and some extra pounds too by cutting up your own fresh produce over purchasing pre-cut vegetables. The same goes for making home made dips using low-fat sour cream or yogurt as a base.Untitled design (86)There are some really cool ideas out there on creating stadiums out of food. Some of them are downright cool. Google some ideas or check out Pinterest for some crazy edible stuff.

stadium out of food


Stock up on discounted gift cards before the game from You can buy nearly all the food and supplies you need at Publix currently at 2%. For all those health nuts head over to Wholes Foods Market where cards are now 3% off.

There are many choices of different grocery gift cards.
There are many choices of different grocery gift cards.

Buying in bulk from stores such as Costco or BJ’s reduces the cost of the party without compromising on taste or quality. Stock up now on non-perishables such as soft drinks and chips. They’re likely to be on sale ahead of the Super Bowl.Untitled design (88)

We all know that alcohol can be the most expensive part of the party.  Plan a Super Bowl beer tasting event. Have each person bring a 6-pack of their favorite beer and include a notepad with pens so that everyone can jot down their favorites. Making your party BYOB saves you money, plus including a notepad allows your guests to boast about their favorite brews.

If you’re short on time then don’t hesitate to drop in on you local pizza store. Many of the major pizza chains run specials around the Super Bowl. We like stacking them with a discounted gift card to score the best deal. Papa Johns is 8% off, Dominoes is 10% off, Pizza Hut is also 10% off, California Pizza is 11% off.

If you expect to have children in attendance it’s recommended to have a few Super-Bowl themed activities prepared in advance.  Pinterest can be a great source of ideas, like pin the football for a field goal. Or you can simply set out supplies for decorating football-shaped sugar cookies. Construction paper and markers can be used to make team flags at little cost to you.

Pin the football anyone?
Pin the football anyone?

Buying decorations with team colors is always cheaper than actual licensed merchandise. But if the real thing is needed head to for some great deals on Super Bowl and team themed plates, cups etc.


This awesome idea goes to
This awesome idea goes to

Don’t Refuse Help. You don’t have to make your party pot luck, but then again, you don’t have to go it alone. Most likely, guests will ask you what they can bring. When you get offers, take them!

The most important tip of all for the host or hostess, don’t forget to have fun and don’t let your fussing about over the party stop you from kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the game!

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  • Chips from the Dollar Store taste the same as the ones for twice the price from a big supermarket chain.

  • Mary Kay Riestenberg

    Aldi has great prices too, and is moving toward healthier options all the time. I’ll be using my recently purchased Aldi gift card to prepare for game day.

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