I Got an $849.00 Watch For $135.00. That’s My Kind of Deal!

That’s the winning entry in the CardCash.com Mother’s Day giveaway. And we agree, that is a really great deal. So how did Barbara McGrogan get that deal?

“I had been looking at a Rotary brand watch at T J Maxx for a couple of weeks. The price on the tag from the manufacturer was $849.00. They had it on clearance for $299.00. During this time Cardcash had a special on Marshalls gift cards, which can also be used at T J Maxx. I bought a $129.00 card for $106.00. The next week I went into T J Maxx and they had just marked the watch down to $149.00. With tax it came to $158.00 I used the card and $29.00 dollars cash to make my purchase. So I got an $849.00 watch for $135.00. That’s my kind of deal!”

And that’s our kind of answer! Real savings that include a discounted gift card. That’s our kind of savings, stacking discounted gift cards with other great deals for some Awesome$ savings.

Here are the best of the other great answers we received.

Donna Freedman

My best savings experience is a constant one — that is, I get continuous discounts on just about anything I want/need by purchasing discounted gift cards. I take my friends out to lunch. I send my daughter movie gift cards. I use them to buy gifts for Christmas and birthdays.

Discounted gift cards add a guaranteed layer of savings to my everyday life. I can’t imagine shopping without them.

Karen Jones

OMG I got an email offering a sale on JC Penney gift cards. I bought one, then went to the store and they had a coupon good for 20% off everything even sale merchandise! When I added it all up, I had saved roughly 65% off the regular prices. I thought I died and went to shopper’s heaven! Since then, I’ve never purchased a gift card at retail again!

Angie Bright

I purchased a Starbucks card for 18% off (.63 savings). I then load it onto my registered Starbucks Rewards Card, where I get a free drink every 12 times it’s used (.25 savings). I usually bring my reusable cup (.10 savings). And when they run Happy Hour promotions drinks are 50% off (1.75 savings). So for a $3.50 mocha, I pay $.77. Now that’s a good deal! 😀

BMA (Brianne) @VenomissB

@CardCash_com Got a discounted Starbucks card, and then used the $5 for $10 Groupons I had, I won a $5 at work = $10 for $40!

Rachel Stover

JC Penney had a cashmere sweater regularly $100 on sale for $20, then I had a 15% off coupon and a discounted gift card I got for another 15% off, so the final total was only $14.45. That’s an 86% savings!

Wesley Jacque

I bought a Black Angus gift card for 11% off, had lunch with their 2for1 steak dinner special (which was a deal itself!) Then I used my JC Penney gift card I bought for 16% off, combined with my mom’s loyalty rewards coupon and bought a ton of “necessities” for my new house!

Tynesha Fondren

My husband works very hard for our little family of three. I make a point to use all the resources available to me to take some of the stress away from him. This year alone, we’ve been able to save over $200 on clothes, baby items, and more, all by using discounted gift cards, coupons, freebies, and other exclusive deals. My experience with Card Cash has been great as well. Thanks to their large selection and awesome prizes, we were able to get our daughter’s new car seat at a 60% discount!

Lisa Brown

I bought an American Apparel GC for 28% off, I combined that with AA’s 30% promotion. So for $100 worth of AA clothing, I spent 51 BUCKS!

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