The Annual ‘Shop-Til-You-Drop’ Marathon: A Back-to-School Tale

Ah, August. That magical time when the smell of sunscreen and chlorine gives way to the distinct aroma of fresh pencils and new sneakers. The season of sun and fun is winding down, and with it comes the yearly rite of passage – back-to-school shopping with the kids. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?

Before you head to the store, remember, this isn’t a sprint—it’s a marathon. And just like a marathon, you need a plan, a whole lot of endurance, and enough energy snacks to supply a small army. So, let’s strap on our most comfortable shoes, down a double shot of espresso (or two), and dive into the joyous chaos that is back-to-school shopping.

Stage 1: The List Each year, the list seems to grow longer. Suddenly, your eight-year-old needs a scientific calculator. Meanwhile, your high schooler has decided to take up three different art classes, each requiring an assortment of supplies that sounds more like a list for a wizarding school than a public high school. And of course, don’t forget about the brand-new outfits for the first week because, “Mom, everyone will remember what I wore last year.”

Stage 2: The Store Now, you’re in the battlefield—armed with shopping carts, list in hand, and children in tow. But remember, kids in a school supplies section are like monkeys in a banana factory. In about 2.5 seconds flat, the cart will be filled with every sparkly notebook, superhero lunchbox, and oddly shaped eraser in sight. Pro tip: establish ground rules before entering the store. No, Johnny, we don’t need the dinosaur-shaped pencil sharpener.

Stage 3: Clothes Shopping Ready for a quick change of scenery? Off to the clothing section. Here, your kids magically transform into fashion critics. They’ll give scathing reviews of the clothes you pick, but don’t be discouraged. They’ll find the perfect outfit… eventually. All it takes is trying on the same pair of jeans in three different washes and a discussion about why wearing flip-flops in December isn’t practical.

Stage 4: The Checkout Line You made it to the checkout line. Congratulations! But before you celebrate, remember to brace yourself for the total. “How did it get so high?” you’ll ask yourself. After all, those pencils were only a dollar each…

Stage 5: CardCash Savings Just when you thought your bank account would never recover, you remember the secret weapon: CardCash. Buy discounted gift cards for the stores where you’re doing your shopping. Yes, you can literally save money on money! And don’t forget about those gift cards you received and never used. Sell them for cash or trade them for cards to stores where you’ll actually shop. Back-to-school shopping just got a whole lot brighter, didn’t it?

So, as we dive headfirst into the back-to-school season, remember: take it in stride. Embrace the chaos, make memories, and when in doubt, remember there’s a discounted gift card for that.—Happy back-to-school shopping, everyone. And remember, you’ve got this – one pencil, notebook, and a sparkly eraser at a time

I’ve been the marketing manager at for over six years. One of my favorite aspects of working with CardCash is that we get to help people find just what they need for any occasion. Whether it be a birthday, wedding or graduation present, we make sure there are plenty of options available so everyone can get exactly what they want from us.

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