Welcome back the NFL with tactile Walmart gift cards

We are always on the lookout for interesting and different gift cards in the CardCash office, and we love to share them when we do come across them.

Luckily, we have loads of cards to choose from, here are two pallets full of gift cards.

And also a few more shelves full,

Oh look up there, more pallets,

all full of gift cards like these, see?

Also, someone scattered gift cards all over this floor,

And inside this table,

Not to mention the cards stored in our awfully cool Cardinator.

All of which simply means, we see a lot of gift cards.

With pre-season NFL football upon us, a Walmart gift card caught our eye.

If that football looks so real you can almost touch it that’s because it kind of is. The card has bumps on that make if feel (and look) like an authentic football.






Here’s the full card.







It is really cool and a fantastic gift for an NFL fan and all their tailgating needs!

Here at CardCash we sell all of our Walmart gift cards as Printable eCodes so although you can save $$ you can’t get this cool card (we get to keep all of them <evil laugh>), however, you can purchase it at full price directly from Walmart.

Keep an eye out on this blog for more interesting gift card designs,

Happy football season!

Steven Weldler is the director of marketing at CardCash.com, and has been with CardCash for over 8 years now. He loves to be crazy and have fun! Steven’s sense of humor is always on point, so if you need a laugh he’s your guy!

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