Best Way To Earn Cash After the Holidays (Hint: Gift Cards)

selling gift cardsIt’s after the holidays and you packed away the last piece of holiday decor. Lots of gifts are still in the corner waiting to be returned and then there are gift cards. You love the gift card to Panera (and will most likely go out tomorrow!) but the gift card to Burlington will most likely not be used. The closest one is over an hour away. What a shame you think to yourself as you stuff it into your sock drawer.

Enter, our goal is to take all those gift cards you will never use and transform it into hard cash. It’s quite easy, depending on the type of gift card, you may not have to mail it over, encourage users to trade in their unwanted gift cards and receive as much as 97% of the card’s face value in return. Over the next month expects millions of Americans to turn their holiday unwanted gift cards into cash to use on what people actually want for the holidays.

“73% of consumers said that they will be purchasing a gift card this holiday season”, according to CardCash gift card statistics. On average most consumers purchase 2 gift cards during the holiday season, followed closely by 3 gift cards. Instead of going to the store and buying items you don’t want or purchasing food you don’t like just to use the gift card, sell your gift card to and use the money you receive for something you actually want.”

While retailers are trying to discourage holiday returns with tougher policies, actually encourages consumers to “return” their gift cards by selling or trading them and cashing out for something they actually want.’s secure gift card marketplace allows the website to purchase gift cards from over 700 merchants across the country, from large retailers such as Target, Home Depot and Walmart, to smaller, regional retailers. Unlike other listing sites, actually buys the card from the consumer, offering the quickest payouts in the industry.

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