It’s’s “Cash Out Awareness Month” announced today the start of “Cash Out Awareness Month”, where they encourage users to trade in their unwanted gift cards and receive as much as 97% of the card’s face value in return. Over the next month expects millions of Americans to turn their holiday unwanted gift cards into cash to use on what people actually want for the holidays.

“80% of Americans received at least one gift card for the holidays this season and it’s rare for someone to be happy with all the gift cards they received”, says Elliot Bohm, CEO and co-founder of “Instead of going to the store and buying items you don’t want or purchasing food you don’t like just to use the gift card, sell your gift card to and use the money you receive for something you actually want.”

While retailers are trying to discourage holiday returns with tougher policies, actually encourages consumers to “return” their gift cards by selling them, and cashing out for something they actually want. In the spirit of “Cash Out Awreness Month” is offering higher payouts on many of the most commonly returned gift cards from now through the end of Janauary.’s secure gift card marketplace allows the website to purchase gift cards from over 700 merchants across the country, from large retailers such as Target, Home Depot and Walmart, to smaller, regional retailers. Unlike other listing sites, actually buys the card from the consumer, offering the quickest payouts in the industry. Once accepts the cards they offer four different methods of payment: Amazon gift card (which comes with a 5% bonus), PayPal, ACH deposit or check.

Annual gift card sales will exceed $110 billion this year in the United States, according to a recent survey from the CEB Tower group. As that number continues to grow, nearly 10% of those cards go unspent every year.

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