College Shopping List

Heading off to college and never packed yourself a bag to go anywhere because Mom did it for you? We have compiled a list for you to make your shopping and packing experience a lot better.

Scroll down for a handy shopping list download as a pdf.

But first, here are a few ideas to help you get packing.

  1. Keep your clothing on hangers – This will make your life a lot simpler  – it’s easy to take everything from your suit bag right into your closet.

2. Pack bedding ready to go – Put your pillows in their pillowcase and blankets in their quilt covers to make your bed in half the time, then put all your bedding in plastic bags to save you suitcase space.

3. Wrap your breakable items in our clothing and socks, this way they will not break and you don’t have to use bubble wrap that takes up so much space.

4. Pack your supplies in your backpack SO you don’t have to unpack your supplies when you get to your dorm.   

5. Buy storage containers that will fit under your bed so after you unpack you have somewhere to keep your storage bins. You can keep your seasonal clothing that you’re not wearing in the storage containers.

6. Take pictures of all your electronics before packing them, this way you will know how to put them back together when they get to your dorm room.

We hope this list helps you feel more organized before college.

Download this pdf now to help you while shopping.



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