Savings Tips For College

Trying to get ready for college while staying on a budget? Here are a few great tips we came up to save you money before and in college.

  1. Always shop with a list – Going to the store without a list will have you purchasing a lot of things you do not really need. We know sales are eye-catching but if you don’t need the item then you’re just wasting money.

2. Cook your own meals – We’re sure your dorm room has a mini kitchen and other cooking facilities. Avoid eating out and cook your own meals! This is a fun way and to save you a lot of money.

3. Avoid the Mall – The mall can be very tempting. Marketing Professionals spend millions of dollars trying to get you to buy things you do not need. If possible do all your shopping outside the mall and skip all those unneeded impulse purchases.

4. Buy used when you can – Textbooks and really anything can be bought used. When thinking about school and your dorm room figure out what can be bought used to save yourself a-lot of dough. Check eBay and Craigslist before running to buy everything brand new.

5. Make your own coffee – Buying coffee is a very expensive habit, think about it buying a coffee 3 times a week can add up to $10. Buy yourself a coffee pot and start making yourself a coffee at home.

6. Take Public Transportation – “But everyone Ubers”… that may be the day and age that we live in but for a college kid it is not the smartest idea, For a one-way trip, uber can be 4-5 times the cost of using public transportation.

7. Stay In – Invite friends over instead of going out. Who says you can’t have fun staying in? Don’t spend big money on entertainment when you can have a blast at your place. Buy a PlayStation and stay in every once in a while.

8. Bring your student ID with you – many stores will give you a discount when you tell them you’re a student. This is a great way to cash in on some extra discounts.

9. Make your own beer – Were not going to tell you to go through college and give up wine and beer. But keep in mind, those $20 beer tabs add up real quick. Make your own beer to save. After all your hard work, it will probably taste a lot better in any case.

10. Use CardCash for everything – Whether it is eating out or going shopping buy a gift card first to save you on everything, everywhere.




I’ve been the marketing manager at for over six years. One of my favorite aspects of working with CardCash is that we get to help people find just what they need for any occasion. Whether it be a birthday, wedding or graduation present, we make sure there are plenty of options available so everyone can get exactly what they want from us.

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