eBay Exchange Launch Party

Want a free $20 eBay eGift Card? Who wouldn’t?

To celebrate the launch of our new eBay eGift Card Exchange platform, CardCash will be giving out a whole slew of free eBay Cards on Twitter.

The new platform can be found at ebay.cardcash.com where over 200 hundred brands of gift cards can be traded in for an eBay eGift Card with up to 95% of the card balance.

The eBay eGift Cards will be delivered via email within one business day. The card being exchanged never needs to be mailed in and customers will receive a new eBay eGift Card in return.

We are super excited about this new platform and hope you all enjoy using it!

Steven Weldler is the director of marketing at CardCash.com, and has been with CardCash for over 8 years now. He loves to be crazy and have fun! Steven’s sense of humor is always on point, so if you need a laugh he’s your guy!

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