How To Do Father’s Day For Less With Discounted Gift Cards

Looking for a present for dad this Father’s Day? Get him a gift card. According to the NRF, sales of gift cards this Father’s Day will total $1.8 billion with 26% of people saying they will be giving dad a gift card this year. And surveys show that dad really wants gift cards.

What better way to look great with dad than giving him a discounted gift card; he thinks you spent all that money on him but it really cost you less. Well, actually there is a better way to look good: buying the discounted gift card and then using it at the store for something he really wants.

New tools, team gear, fine dining and more, the options are endless in how to look great and get on Dad’s good side for a change. Here are the top 4 categories and some tips on how to spend less for more this Father’s Day.

Take Dad Out To Eat

Treating Dad to a great dinner out is always something that gets you some brownie points for at least a couple of months. Discount Outback Steakhouse gift cards (8% off) and discount Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse gift cards (13% off) are two of the top sellers leading up to Father’s Day.

The options for dining are endless; if Dad is a Starbucks junkie get him some Starbucks discounted gift cards at 10% off.

Buy Him New Grill Tools (or Regular Tools)

With great discounts on Sears gift cards (6% off), Home Depot gift cards (5% off) and Lowe’s discount gift cards (6% off), you can buy Dad some tools or great grilling gear all at a discount. Whether you’re looking to spend $10, $100 or $1,000 (lucky dad!) you can stretch your budget even further with our great discounts.

Great Team Gear

Summer’s here which means long days at the ballpark, long days playing ball in the park or for some sports fans it just means football season is around the corner. Whatever team dad calls his favorite let him cheer them on with great gear that you saved on with discounts to (25% off) or discounted Fanzz gift cards (30% off).

Does Dad Want a New Tie?!

The answer is probably not. But here’s a thought: go buy a new tie or two for dad at Brooks Brothers for 13% off with discounted gift cards. Then, when he returns it’ll look like you spent much more than you actually did. Now that’s really getting some bang for your buck!


The National Retail Foundation estimates that Americans will spend $119.84 on Father’s Day gifts this year, up slightly from last year. However you choose to celebrate with dad just make sure you tell him how much he’s done for you and how much you love him (in a manly kind of way of course.

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