Inside and out, it’s time to freshen things up!

This Bradsdeal special from Kmart will light up any room and help keep you cool at the same time. A 42″ Ceiling Fan is just the thing your living room needs.

Tack on our always discounted Kmart cards + our exclusive Bradsdeals 5% off coupon BRADSPRING for amazing savings.

42″ White Ceiling Fan $49.99 $31.49
CardCash Kmart Cards -4%
CardCash Coupon Code -5%


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—– Update: EXPIRED —–

Bounce outside all summer long with this 14′ trampoline with enclosure.

Big price cut from Walmart + CardCash Walmart cards with BRADSPRING 5% off.

14′ BouncePro Trampoline $229 Shipped $319 $129.99
CardCash Walmart cards with BRADSPRING 5%

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  • I cannot figure out how you get the trampoline for $129 as the price says. With 5% off, you’d only get $10 off. Can you help me to understand please? I’m very interested. Thanks!!

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