A Happy St. Paddy’s day to you all!

You might not be Irish, but the St. Patrick’s day celebrations have spread around the globe, so wherever and whoever you are, why not kick back and celebrate this March 17th? A word to the wise, before you even get started on your partying: you’d be best off dying your hair green.
Seriously, though, legend has it that fairies and leprechauns are out on St. Patrick’s day, and they’re just waiting to pinch anyone who dares wear a color other than green. So if you don’t want to get pinched, you can save with CardCash when you buy cool green accessories from JoAnn, Overstock or Hobby Lobby. Check some out some green accessories from Amazon here.

Another St. Paddy’s day classic is Irish stout beer, a dark, rich brew commonly known as Guinness. On St. Patrick’s day alone, as much as 13 million pints of Guinness are sold worldwide.  Save on alcohol with CardCash, whether you want to pick some up in the supermarket, or hop over to an Irish pub for a more authentic experience. Actually, just click here to get some ordered to your door.

You can also invite some friends over for authentic Irish fare. Try baking Irish soda bread, similar to sourdough but easier to make. Cook up some corned beef and cabbage, or make yourself a bowl of champ. Champ is really just mashed potatoes with scallions and milk. The name champ comes from an old Irish word meaning to mash or crush (hence the mashed potatoes).

Work off your meal with some Irish Ceili (pronounced kay-lee) dancing in time to traditional Irish music. Or get some friends on board, and try some step dancing, keeping your arms tight at your sides while you perform some coordinated kicks, but don’t worry if you can’t get it quite right. Irish dancing is a skill that most of us, sadly, will never get really good at. If you want some Irish dancing tutorials, check out the link here.

Want to go out on the town? There are St. Patrick’s day celebrations going on in cities all over the world. If you live in Dublin, naturally, they have the most fun, with a four-day festival, magnificent parade, and “greening of the city” where they make some of the most iconic buildings glow green. The next best has to be Chicago, where leprechauns help dye the Chicago River green, and festivities include the Downtown Parade, one of the biggest in the USA. In Boston, the St. Patrick’s day parade includes a kaleidoscope of traditional marching bands from all over the country.

No matter where you are, we hope you get to celebrate Irish heritage this St. Patricks Day with lots of savings, and a great time you will always remember! Enjoy!

I’ve been the marketing manager at CardCash.com for over six years. One of my favorite aspects of working with CardCash is that we get to help people find just what they need for any occasion. Whether it be a birthday, wedding or graduation present, we make sure there are plenty of options available so everyone can get exactly what they want from us.

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