7 Seriously Spooky 👻 Halloween DIY Projects

Decorating your home for Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary proposition. With a little bit of creativity and some inexpensive supplies, topped off with CardCash savings, you can craft Halloween decorations that will spookify your indoor and outdoor spaces.

From ghoulish ghosts to bewitched spider webs, these cheap and easy decorations give your home a festive feel without breaking the bank. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

1. Creepy DIY Ghosts

Re-invent some spooky characters with a fun twist that will scare all who dare to ring your doorbell on October 31. These chicken wire ghosts (from Lowe’s) will put you on the map of haunted places, while they raise the ancient spirits, and will go on spooking the neighbors straight through Halloween. You can give these ghoulish creatures any personality you like, from grumpy to silly, but make sure they’re always ready to give trick-or-treaters a good scare. To really send a shiver down their spine, add some fun props like a broomstick or a sign that says “BOO!” Click here for some ghoulish fun.

2. Haunted House Silhouettes

If you’re looking for some good, creepy fun this Halloween, check out these Haunted House Silhouettes. They use many of the familiar visual tropes from horror films, and while some of the images are strong, the overall cartoonish quality helps convey that it’s all in good fun. So take a look and see for yourself – you might just be surprised at how much you enjoy it! Click here for the bewitched instructions.

3. “Spider” web – DIY style!

A spider web is a classic symbol of Halloween. You can have fun crafting your own spider web with step by step instructions your kids can do themselves. This is a great activity for kids of all ages and can be done with items you have around the house. Click here for some spook-tacular web making instructions.

From spooky to cute, these DIY Halloween costumes are perfect for any budget!

Dressing up for Halloween can be a real treat, or a real horror! Try out some of these easy, practical dress up ideas and get the whole family involved in the fun.

4. Cat Ears Headband for the Witching Hour!

How purr-fect would it be to dress up as a cat for Halloween this year? You can be the head of the pack with this easy and quick 10-minute costume. All you need is a black shirt and stylish cat ears headband. For extra fun, you can make a mini version for the little ones in your life and go as a whole cat family!

5. DIY Zombie Costume

@ministylehacker, Los Angeles, CA

Do you want to win best group costume this Halloween? Take inspiration from @ministylehacker and go as zombies! Just tear up some old clothes, add some coffee grounds for dirt and make some fake blood using three parts corn syrup, one part water and red food coloring.
To top it off, add some spooky accessories like a knife or some “bloody” wounds. If you really want to go all out, wear some white contact lenses to make your eyes look creepy.

6. Smiling Octopus

Credit: Giggles Galore, by Mariah Leeson

This Halloween, ditch the store-bought costume and make your own unique octopus costume at home! This eight legged creature will definitely win the Halloween costume award, and it only requires a few materials, all of which you can get from any apparel store. Make sure to top it off with CardCash savings for an unbeatable, adorable costume. Check out the full instructions here.

7. Keyed up – vintage doll costume

Image Credit: How to Make a Wind Up Key for a Costume

Don’t be a party pooper, get winding! A wind-up key is the perfect way to add some vintage flair to your costume. Whether you’re dressing up as a pretty doll or a creepy clown, this easy-to-make accessory is sure to add some spook-tacular fun to your Halloween.

Needless to say, these DIY Halloween decoration and costume ideas will result in tons of compliments from party guests, trick-or-treaters, and family members come All Hallows’ Eve. Saving money by DIY-ing decorations means you can splurge on all your favorite Halloween treats!

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