Amazon Gift Cards Top List of Most Requested Gift Cards for 2013

If you’re still shopping for Christmas gifts and you’re not sure what to get, gift cards are always a good bet; 80% of Americans plan on giving a gift card as a gift, according to the National Retail Federation. But what gift card should you be buying?, the web’s leading gift card exchange, recently polled nearly 400 of their customers and asked them what gift card they would like to receive this year. The answer? Amazon by a wide margin. 23% of respondents said they would look forward to an Amazon gift card; 12% said a Target gift card tops their list; 8% said Walmart.

“The top gift card requests show once again the versatility of a gift card”, says COO and co-founder, Marc Ackerman. “At Amazon, people feel they can buy whatever they prefer. At Target and Walmart they have many options, from electronics to home goods, from groceries to toys for the kids.”

Rounding out the top 10 most requested gift cards of 2013 were Kohl’s, Macy’s, Starbucks, Lowe’s, Disney, TJ Maxx and Home Depot. Most of these merchants are popular all year on his discounted gift card site, says Ackerman, with the only surprise on the list being Disney gift cards.

While this may make gift giving easier a word to the wise is in order; of the 390 people polled there were over 100 gift cards named as most requested, and 41% of people chose a gift card outside the top 10. While the top merchants received the most votes, people’s gift card preferences can be quite diverse.

Despite the diversity in responses Ackerman suggest sticking to the top tier merchants on the list. If you guess wrong, the gift recipient can always turn around and sell a gift card to and get paid for it. The payout for the more popular merchants can be over 90% of the card’s face value, while the more niche cards can have a lower payout.

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