Great Ways For Brides To Save Money With Discounted Gift Cards

Saving money on your wedding doesn’t mean eloping to Vegas. Celia Milton, NJ Wedding Officiant, wrote on her blog a great money saving tip for brides; use discounted gift cards on almost anything to plan the wedding, and then sell those unwanted gift cards received as wedding gifts and get some much needed cash.

See the full post HERE.

This great post is just one example of how everyday people can save serious money on their everyday purchases. Following are just some real life examples of how customers are saving on their large purchases for their businesses:

-Contractors save 10% when they buy Home Depot discounted gift cards and Lowes discounted gift cards in bulk. They then go and purchase all their supplies with these cards with significant savings.

-Ebay sellers buy Victoria’s Secret discounted gift cards among many others and go ahead and use the gift cards to but items at the stores and resell them on Ebay.


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