Happy National All American Pet Photo Day

Happy National All American Pet Photo Day!

“A man’s best friend is his pet”. If you don’t have a lot of adorable photos of your pet then do you really have one?

  1. Here are a few photography tips for taking pictures of your pets:

Use natural light.

A. big indoor lights will scare them.

B.  Big lights or a flash will bring out the redness in their eyes.

2. Be patient – If you’re patient your furry friend will be relaxed and you will be able to get very nice photos.

3. Zoom in – Stand in a distance and zoom in your lens, a close-up picture of there furry face usually makes a stunning photo.

4. Distract your furry friend – You don’t want them focusing on the fact that you’re are trying to take a picture of them.

5. A great way to get a nice relaxed photo of your pet is to add friends and family to the photo. Animals relax around their loved ones.

6. Animals are quick to learn. You see all the time animals being potty trained and sleep trained. A great way to get nice photos of your Animal is to teach them about a reward. You get a nice photo and then give him a treat… he will catch on right away.

Send us a picture of your adorable pet for us to post on our social media platforms.

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