Top 10 Ways To Save on Your Super Bowl Party

According to Century 21, nearly 9 in 10 Americans who plan on watching the Super Bowl will do so from home. That means a lot of Super Bowl parties. The big news this year is the chicken wing shortage, and stores slashing their prices  on big screen TVs, with prices even lower than on Black Friday.

Once all the pre-game and pre-party hype dies down, its time to sit down to watch, eat and basically have a great time with friends and family, unless of course you are a fan of the Ravens or 49ers-then you’ll spend the evening of February 3rd on the edge of your seat.

For those throwing this year’s party here are our Top 10 savings tips for your Big Game party:

1. Chili is a Super Bowl party staple. Serve it by the bowl, over hot dogs or on baked potatoes and you get three meals in one.

2. Stock up on discounted gift cards before the game from sites such as Target. You can buy nearly all the food and supplies you need at  Target where cards are now 6% off.

3. According to the Century 21 survey 22% of adults say their favorite foods are chips and dips while just 2% say they prefer brownies and cake. Stick to the chips they’re much cheaper and skip the pricey desserts.

4. Buy bulk. Buying nuts, salsa and chips at Costco reduces the cost of the party staple, without compromising on taste or quality.

5. Buy high quality beer on the cheap at sites such as The site finds the cheapest prices on beer based on your location.

6. Order pizza. The major pizza chains all run specials around the Super Bowl. And don’t forget to enter Papa John’s Coin Toss Experience for a chance to win a free pie of pizza.

7. Buying decorations with team colors is always cheaper than actual licensed merchandise. But if the real thing is needed head to where you can save 50% off MSRP on Super Bowl and team themed plates, cups etc. plus 15% off party kits.

8. Don’t Refuse HelpYou don’t have to make your party pot luck, but then again, you don’t have to go it alone. Most likely, guests will ask you what they can bring. When you get offers, take them! (Murphey USA)

9. Make whatever you can on your own. Supermarkets can mark items up as much as 40% over what it will cost you to make the same platters and dishes at home.

10. Your average American isn’t the only one feeling the pinch. The NFL is scaling back its NFL Commissioner’s Party, while some of the other big names in Super Bowl parties are cutting back as well.


The most important tip of all for the host or hostess, don’t forget to have fun and don’t let your fussing about over the party stop you from kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the game!


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