In the Beginning…

In the beginning we were small. And then we grew and kept on growing until the point where we now have a blog! While the blog isn’t anywhere near the top of the exciting things going on at, it is definitely an exciting addition in the discounted gift cards online community.

If you’re reading this you’re probably familiar with what we do at If you’re new to this, we help you turn your gift card into cash, in essence trading your gift cards for cash in your pocket. During this post-Christmas season we’ve been swamped with folks from across the country who want to exchange unwanted gift cards at Whether they have no time to use the gift card, don’t like shopping at the specific retailer or simply would prefer cash for gift cards, we have seen cards continue to pour in.

What this means is we now have inventory of all types, discounted gift cards from across all industries-heck, we have dozens at all at discounts up to 35% off.

This brings us back to the blog which I would like to inaugurate on January 22, 2013. (Sorry Mr. Obama you were one day early.) The blog will keep you up to date on the latest on what’s going on at and in the discounted gift card industry at large. We will also be posting our gift card sales, gift card promotions and much more.

Our blog is part of a push to integrate more social media into our customer relations and comes in conjunction with our re-energizing our Twitter feed and Facebook page, and the launch of our Pinterest and Google+ pages.

All in an effort to continue serving you, our valued customer, at

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