Decorate Your Dorm Room on a Budget

  It’s that time of year again. When you set off on your next big adventure in life – COLLEGE. And we’re guessing that you thought there is no other choice but to spend a small fortune on setting up your dorm room. But think again, with a bit of bargain-hunting and lots of creativity, you can have the perfect dorm room without breaking the bank.  

Here are six inexpensive decorating tips to get you started:

1. Think Second-Hand or Close-Outs. 

You can unearth fabulous finds on sites like eBay. Besides being a treasure trove of other people’s pre-loved furniture, the diversity of sellers allows for an array of products that run the gamut of eclectic to classic. Who knows, you may just find that statement piece that is as unique as your child. Or check out sites such as Overstock for great discounted deals as well. With CardCash’s discounted gift cards on these sites, you save even more on the perfect piece for their dorm room. Seriously, are you really going to pay full price if you don’t need to?

2. Personalize your Space with Details 

Just because your moving on to the next chapter of life, doesn’t mean you have to start totally from nothing. Take a good look around their room for things they can take with you to college. While some of the décor you adored as a teen just won’t cut it in college (ahem, One Direction poster), there’s no need to splurge on basics like new lamps or wall décor when you have them at home. Once you’ve gotten the basics, you can decorate with statement pieces or cheap accessories by shopping at stores like TargetTJ Maxx, Marshalls, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Kohls with (wink, wink) CardCash savings, of course.  

3. DIY Decorating

Don’t drain your wallet on pricey décor. Try these hacks instead: 

  • Use Washi tape. This funky tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns, plus it peels off a wall easily without leaving any residue. A customizable, printable wall mural makes a bold statement without any paint or wallpaper. 
  • Reupholster an old chair by affixing it with a colorful wall decal that will really give your room personality.

Shop home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s or Arts and Crafts stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby (with CardCash discounted gift cards, for extra savings of course) for all the material you may need for your own DIY projects.

4. Let Your Furniture Multi-task

Save time and money by giving your furniture more than one job. Think a futon that serves as both a couch and an extra bed for sleepover guests or an ottoman that hides all those things you don’t want anyone to see (AKA that mess that usually resides on your floor that you quickly stuff into any available space right before parents visiting day or the contraband items that need to be hidden during RAs dorm checks) and doubles as a chair for friends who come to visit. Check out dorm room decor on WayfairValue City FurniturePottery Barn Teens, and Raymour & Flanigan’s for some excellent furniture pieces that count twice.

5. Split the Costs

Too many college students wind up settling into their dorm room only to find that their roommate purchased a mini-fridge and cleaning supplies – just like they did. Be in touch with your roommate before the semester starts and split the costs of supplies and furnishings. You’ll have half the décor-shopping to do, and you’ll only need to spend half the money you’d planned to use on sprucing up your dorm room. You can even make a great first impression by telling them about CardCash’s discounted gift cards, letting them save on everything from Clothing to Travel and everything in between.

6. De-Clutter

If your room is filled with clutter and junk, having the most awesome furniture in the school won’t really matter. Give your dorm room a Marie Kondo treatment and get rid of that clutter so your space is neat and clean. You can stock up on cheap organizing containers at Wal-Mart or the Container Store for an easy way to clear your clutter quickly. (Need I say it again? Yes, you can also save on these places with CardCash’s discounted gift cards!) So, there’s really no need to blow your budget on setting up a dorm room. Use the tips outlined above for a college room that is tastefully furnished and easy on the wallet at the same time. And if you’re a parent sending your child away to college, might we suggest leaving your college-bound child with some discounted CardCash gift cards for local restaurants. Because, unbelievably enough, while they’re old enough to go off to college on their own, for some reason, they can’t figure out yet how to feed themselves or do their own laundry, And while you’re at it, why not treat yourself to a night out now that your baby has left the nest (I’m not crying, you are.).

I’ve been the marketing manager at for over six years. One of my favorite aspects of working with CardCash is that we get to help people find just what they need for any occasion. Whether it be a birthday, wedding or graduation present, we make sure there are plenty of options available so everyone can get exactly what they want from us.

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