Your Dad is a Gift Card

Dads are all different, yet, somehow, all the same. Dads make bad jokes and then laugh their heads off when you roll your eyes. Dads are always telling you the same story and are shocked that you’ve heard it so many times you can say it along with them. Dads don’t mind a little mess, can kiss any boo-boos away, and make you feel safe when life is scary.

But all dads are a little different too, and all dads have a gift card that best describes what makes them your special, unique, and kind of quirky, loveable huggable Dad.

Join us on a tribute to the many types of Dads through gift cards, dad jokes, and corny Shutterstock photos.

#1 Home Depot Dad

Do it yourself Dad never calls an expert when he can try to fix it himself first, then make it worse, then let it sit for a while, then cave in to Mom’s nagging and finally call an expert to fix the now much bigger issue at double the price. Home Depot dad can be found wandering the aisles at the nearest hardware store drooling over pipe fittings and number #4 grommets. “There are no #4 grommets,” yells this dad from somewhere over your shoulder, “grommets are measured in thread size and are listed by the quarter of an inch.”

You do you, Dad.

Dad, with friend, ready for home improvement battle.

Great gifts for this Dad:

Did you know the first French fries weren’t actually cooked in France? They were cooked in Greece.

Dad Joke Source:

#2 NFLshop Dad

Most dads love sports. Some dads live sports. From their armchairs, or stadium seats, this dad treats sports like life and death. This is the dad who would miss your birthday for a playoff game and everyone in the family would understand.

Put dad on a couch, hand him a beer, invite over a friend or two, and turn on the game. That’s all he wants, that’s all he’ll ever want.

Dad, plus friend, participating in the sports. Thingy.

Great gifts for this dad:

Dad, did you get a haircut? No, I got them all cut.

Dad Joke Source:

#3 iTunes Dad

Your dad is more fashion conscious than you are, although definitely not better at it. He waxes poetic about a piece of music, “not that rubbish you call music, REAL music”, thinks he could be a movie critic, and considers himself a connoisseur of fine dining. Don’t even think about starting a conversation about wine.

Dad, in his music room, in his argyle sweater vest that “never goes out of style”, rocking on ? (Please dad, put your hand down and NEVER DO THAT AGAIN).

Great gifts for this dad:

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese.

Dad Joke Source:

#4 AutoZone Dad

Are you the kid who recognizes their dad only by the bottoms of his sneakers? Car nut dad is found mostly underneath his latest junkyard revival project. He had children for the sole purpose of having someone in the garage to pass him the 1/4″ ratchet extender. For the first 5 years of your life, you thought dad’s voice sounded muffled naturally.

Your dad loves his cars more than he loves you but you love him for it.

The only part of Dad you’ve ever seen. In fact, this is the picture hanging in the living room because it had the most of dad in it.

Great gifts for this dad:

What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

Dad Joke Source:

#5 Best Buy Dad

The newest smartphone in his hand, highly obvious Bluetooth gadget in his ear, your dad rushes through the house willy-nilly tapping on his watch and dictating notes through the voice recognition software on his tablet. If your dad can only be reached by scheduling a time slot in his Google calendar, well, your dad might be a High Tech Dad.

Beep boop beep, earth to dad, here’s something to feed that notification addiction. Never change dad, never change.

Dad, with some other guy, being his daddiest self.

Great gifts for this dad:

I saw an ad in a shop window, “Television for sale, $1, volume stuck on full”, I thought “I can’t turn that down.”

Dad Joke Source:

Odds are your dad is one of the dads above but all dads are multilayered and complicated. VERY complicated. Shout out your dads gift card type in the comments and we’ll add a few more dads to the list.

Happy Father’s Day!

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