10% off Visa Gift Cards at Staples

Next week’s Staples circular is out, and it shows a great discount on Visa Gift Cards. From 3/3-3/9 $150 Visa gift cards purchased at Staples include a rebate for  an additional $15 prepaid Visa card, a savings of 10%.

There is a limit of 1 per household and some Visa cards come with fees to activate the card. So in essence, on its own the deal shouldn’t send you running to Staples.

Where the deal turns good is if you need to meet a credit card spending threshold or if you use discounted Staples gift cards. Visa cards are always a great way to meet thresholds, especially with cards such as the Ink Bold or Ink Plus cards that give 5 Ultimate Rewards points for every dollar spent.

With a Staples discounted gift card you save on average 6%-7% at Staples. Apply that to a $150 Visa purchase at Staples and you save nearly $10, more than enough to cover the activation fee with a couple of dollars to spare, once again bringing the total savings from the purchase over 10%.

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