How to Save Even More at Target Than at Walmart

How to Save Even More at Target Than at Walmart

Walmart has always been known for their low low prices. Target is more well known for their more comfortable shopping experience.

But is Target really more expensive??

Last June, prior to Target’s data breach, Kantar Retail found that Target was 2% more expensive than Wal-Mart. Shoppers at Target should: “Expect More, Pay More.”


According to Matt Granite from USAToday,

“Target offers their 5% off the RedCard so that makes you way ahead.”

Furthermore with these recently found tips you can save way more than your cheap friends are spending at Walmart, and still have the great customer experience at Target.

  • Scheduled Markdowns:

Did you know that Target has a set schedule of when they mark down their merchandise? Every two weeks Target marks down each category even lower in increments. Right after the holidays they mark down every couple of days so don’t let those deals slips you by!

Here’s a handy guide that you can download to make it easier:target deals

  • Price Matching:

Did you just buy something at Target and see it the next day for half off at Best Buy? Target will match it within 7 days of purchase. They even match online competitors like One caveat, it has to be the exact same model number, not just look alike.

  • Mobile Coupons:

Sick of couponing? Target offers mobile coupons that can be sent straight to your phone!

  • Super Sales:

Target runs “secret sales” on January 12-13 and July 28-29 for toys. And there are people who stock up for all their children, nieces and nephews, neighbors, students, and friend’s kids birthdays. Make sure you are not stuck behind them on the line.

  • Make sure you are getting the steepest discounts:

Look at the upper right corner, that tells you how discounted the product is. If it says 30 it is marked down 30%.


Another way to make sure you are getting the largest discount possible, is to look at the price tags. If it ends in either a 6 or 8 (as in $34.36 or $1.38), it will be marked down further within 2 weeks. If it ends in 4 (as in $78.84) that is the lowest price that Target will sell the item.

Sometimes there will be random endings, that simply means that the item will continue on its clearance cycle. Every two weeks it will get lowered further.

  • Rain Checks:

Nothing left in that color but you still want that awesome price? You can request a rain check and get it for the sale price.

  • Discounted Gift Cards:

Last but not least, when you buy a discounted gift card from CardCash, you are saving an additional percentage off your total. During a flash sale, you can save over 7% off with a discounted Target gift card. Best of all, you can get within minutes to your mobile device so you can shop while waiting on line to pay!


Rachel is a marketing genius and a gift card fanatic. She is known throughout CardCash for her fantastic homemade chocolate chip cookies and also secretly loves deep sea fishing.

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