They Shop. You Gain.
What’s better than getting donations for your charity or cause? Getting donations without doing a thing. With CardCash Giving, supporters of your cause can shop guilt-free (well, almost guilt free). Because while it can’t excuse their midnight shopping spree it can make them feel great about supporting a cause that is meaningful to them.
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How does it work?
CardCash creates a customized app for each of our partners and their specific cause. eGift cards are purchased through the app for the exact amount of the purchase, and delivered to the consumer immediately. eGift cards are redeemable in-store, at checkout, or online and in-app.
Through this platform we’ve already helped families pay down student loan debt, contributed to research and awareness for childhood illnesses, improved heart health, and so much more.
We’re proud to be partnering with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Gift of College.
Be a part of the change
Champions of your Cause
Because it costs shoppers nothing (literally) to support your cause, they are more inclined to do so and to encourage their friends to do so.
Increase Donations
An "always on" donation mode enables you to generate more donations without making one solicitations.
Stay Top of Mind
Great causes remain at the top-of-mind of shoppers with every gift card purchased. Shoppers respect and appreciate brands who are giving conscious.
Joe Rice
As Director of Business Development, Joe loves to figure out how discounted gift cards can help brands grow.
Just ask Joe
Joe loves paying it forward, which is exactly what he tells his wife when she asks about the abundance of power tools he just bought himself. But even more so, he loves helping our customers connect to great causes like yours
So just shoot Joe an email and Joe and his team will help you figure out how discounted gift cards can help your charity/cause.