Frequently asked Questions

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What is CardCash?
CardCash is a gift card marketplace that buys and sells gift cards. Last year, we sold over 200 million dollars worth of gift cards.
How do gift cards become donations?
We use our relationships with retailers and gift card issuers to negotiate discounts on the gift cards we sell. When you buy a gift card we pass along some of that profit to an amazing charity of your choice.
Are my purchases tax deductible?
No, sorry they are not.
Do my gift cards expire?
Nope! Gift cards purchased through our giving apps never expire. Don’t leave them in your junk drawer though, over $1 billion worth of gift cards go unspent every year. Yikes!
Why don’t I see my gift card in my wallet?
Sometimes it may take a few minutes for your card to arrive. If it’s been a while, please reach out to [email protected], the CardCash Crew is standing by to help.
Why was my order denied?
That’s a complicated question. Orders are denied for a variety of reasons, often because our automated system flags the order as possibly fraudulent. If you think this is a mistake, and you are not a spammer fraud bot, please reach out to our friendly humans at [email protected]

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